Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year's

Hi everyone,

I know it is a few days early but I am so excited to start a new year.  I am not saying 2012 was awful, I just want to commit myself into making some changes.  The first thing I did was color my hair from blonde to a Light Golden Brown.  It looks more red, but I am very happy with the results.  There are other things like losing weight that I will do this year.

In other news/changes, we purchased some furniture for the house.  We kept putting it off until we couldn't do it any more.  It was a whole week of chaos, order and mess.  My stitching stuff is in 3 different rooms now but at least I didn't have to get rid of any.  (shudder)  I have vowed to start stitching what I have so I can get more.  My husband already thinks I am a hoarder, no reason to give him more evidence. 

I am not going to lie, I did make a few small purchases for my stitchy Christmas present.  One of them was Barbara Ana Valentine Biscornu.  You know how much I love making these cushons and I love seasonal stitching so it was hard to resist.  I started it but don't want to show you just yet.

I have also finished part 5 of Novalee's Christmas 2012 SAL.  I wish I used a slightly darker fabric because you can't see the snow, but it is still pretty.

Well I guess this will probably be my last post for 2012.  I want to thank everyone who reads my blog and hope you have a fun and safe New Years celebration.
See ya next year,

Monday, December 17, 2012

A crochet finish and a WIP

Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing well.  I thought you all would get a big chuckle about my husband.  I have told him I have a blog but he really isn't interested in my passion for cross stitch.  Can you believe that?  Anyway, I had my blog up on the computer and he saw the finish of the biscornu I made my sister and he was amazed that I made that.  What else could I do but shake my head.

Well I don't normally crochet but sometimes I act on impulse.  I made this simple scarf for my youngest son.  He really loves it, he even wore it to school today. I am now making a blue scarf for my middle son.  It will be slightly different.  I am enjoying learning something new.

I have tackled the Novalee02 SAL.  I wish I could stitch faster but I hope to be done by February. 

Thanks for looking and have a great week.


Friday, December 7, 2012

2 new ornament finishes

Good evening everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well.  First and foremost I want to thank Miss. Linda from CrossN' My Stitches. She posted on the SSS and DDD facebook group about my blog.  I am so flattered and thankful.  I also want to thank everyone who follows my blog.  You are all very sweet. 

On a stitchy note, I just got done stitching this today and I did the finishing.  That is such a rare occurance. It is called Christmas Robin by The Victoria Sampler-Designs by Cathy Jean in the 2010 JCS ornament issue. 

In addition, I finished this as an ornament.  I have had it stitched for a few years but just put it together.  It is from Sanman Originals members board I think 2010.

Well thanks for looking and have a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A biscornu finish.

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone had a great week.  I just put the finishing touches on this biscornu.  I made it for my sister who loves blue.  Now to do one more present.  I plan on making an ornament for my neighbor. 
I hope to get that done quickly so I can concentrate on my Novalee02 SAL.  Can't wait to finish.  I went to Hancock Fabrics the other day and found the perfect material to make a pillow.

Anyway, here is the info for the pattern.  It is #141 on
I had to modify the back due to running out of floss. I still love it.  I repurposed the linen from my previous project and used DMC variations 4020 Tropical Waters.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving for all that celebrate this holiday.  I started cooking today and got the desserts and deviled eggs done.  I also cooked the noodles for the baked macaroni and cheese so it would go by faster.  I have a very impatient group and if it isn't done by about 11am they start fussing. 

Well I do have some stitchy news and some updates.  My son, Blakley broke my floor lamp a few weeks ago.  It was just a standard one I have had for years.  So I told my husband I needed a new lamp.  I looked at Ott's and he choked so I found this one on Ebay.  I have never been able to see my stitching like this and I am estatic.  I have noticed the last couple of years my eyes really strain around this time of year, well into winter. 
Well I was able to stitch alittle on the sampler.  I just love the red and green. 
Lastly, I have been really working on the biscornu.  I really need to get it done so I can mail my sister's gifts next week.  It is from 141.  She is so gifted, I love her designs.

Have a happy and safe holiday and weekend. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wishing you a wonderful Veteran's Day

As someone who has served in the Air Force (89' to 93') I really appreciate everything the military does.  Thank you to all that have served or is serving in our armed forces.

I also wanted to update on my SAL.  I completed part 4 last night and it was so much fun. 

Thank you so much for looking and the wonderful, encouraging comments.  They really mean a lot to me.  I hope to update once more before Thanksgiving.  Can you believe it is next Thursday?  Wow!

Have a great week,

Monday, November 5, 2012

A couple of giveaways

Hi everyone,

Just post a quick entry about Lisa over at . She is having a Candy giveaway.

Also, Rebecca from is having a snowman giveaway.

Good luck,


Friday, November 2, 2012

completion of part 3

Good morning everyone.  Hope you had a great week especially if you celebrate Halloween.  A friend came over with her son and we got to walk and chat while the kids got their goodies.  I just love Fall and the pumpkins and good fun.  Too bad we have a cold front right now.  I am too chicken to walk in this cold weather and I feel really guilty.  I hope it warms up soon.

Well I managed to complete part 3.  Today I start on part 4.  It is so pretty.

Sorry about the shadow but the lighting in my house is terrible.  At least you get a good idea what it looks like.

Well I hope you have a great weekend.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Completion of pt 1

Good afternoon,

Wow! It sure feels good to complete part 1 again.  I started part 3 and I feel really good about it.  I think my pace will pick up.  I have about a week before part 6 comes out.  I would just be happy to get it done for Christmas.

Thanks for looking,

Friday, October 12, 2012

Completed part 2 of Novalee02 SAL

Wow! The month has completely flown by.  I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather.  Fall is by far my favorite time of year. 

Well, I was so upset at myself.  Some how I messed up in 2 seperate places and was off by 2 spaces.  Because it was on linen I didn't want to pull it out.  Part of the month I spent debating if I could let it go.  But if you are like me, I just knew I wouldn't look at it the same, so I made a fresh start.  I decided to do part 2 first and will work right to left.  I have never done that before.  It isn't that bad.

I am just so so far behind.  Part 4 comes out tomorrow.  I will not let it get me down. Don't laugh, but I figured out the slow-down.  I spent 10 years either stitching in my car waiting for the boys to get out of preschool or stitching late at night with the tv on.  Stitching during the day, at home, is very weird.  I tried sitting in my kitchen, but I kept nodding off.  I now stitch while my soap operas are on and it has helped.

Anyway, here is part 2. 

Thanks for looking,

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Finished 1st part of SAL

Good morning everyone,
I hope that your weather is as wonderful as it is here in NE North Carolina.  I just love the fall-like weather.
I have finally finished the first part of Novalee02's SAL.  She has left the enrollment of the SAL until September 29th.  Here is a link to her blog:

I thought that this material was 36ct but it is really 32ct ivory linen that I coffee dyed. 

Well hopefully I will have another update soon.
Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A froggy finish

Hi everyone,
I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  We just stayed home and did yard work.  I cannot get over how much grass accumulates over the course of a week. We had about 8 bagfuls.  What makes it worse is the humidity in the air, it makes the grass stay satuated and really gross.  Oh well, I am over it now until I have to do it again next weekend.  I just think that in about a months time it will be a distant memory. 

I did manage to sneak in some stitches and finished this cute little frog.  I don't know why I love frogs, I just do.  I purchased this chart and tuck from Sanman Originals. 

So, now I am onto another project.  I am participating in the annual Christmas SAL that Carole at Novalee is putting on.  Here is her blog: 
If you leave a message in the comments section it will put you on the sign-up list.  It is opened until September 29th and then it will be closed to new members.  The only thing that she ask is that you stitch it and send her updates in order to get the next part.  Therefore, I will be starting it today.  I coffee stained some Ivory 36ct Edinborough Linen.  I think the light floss will stand out a little more and I like the vintage feel.

Of course I never have all the right colors so I had to order more floss.  I have enough colors to get it started and I can't wait.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Holiday Hootie is finished

Good afternoon everyone,
I hope everyone is having a great day!  Today is the first day of Kindergarten for my youngest son.  They stagger it for Kindergarten where they split the class into 1/3's and they take turns going Mon, Tues and Wed and then start school as usual on Thursday. 

Well I finished Holiday Hootie by Fresh Threads.  I didn't expect to work on this WIP but I felt compelled to at least finish 1 Christmas item this year.  Every year when I hang the ornaments on the tree I always ask myself why didn't I make new ones to fill the tree.  I must admit my favorite holiday to stitch for is Halloween.  Don't know if I will have time to make any for Halloween either but we will see.

I am not sure how the string got there (on the moon) but it isn't there now.  That is what I get for being in a hurry.  Anyway, my youngest son wants me to make him a pillow.  He is like his mom and just loves pillows.  I will wait a few weeks to make sure he is settled into school before I make the hour drive into Virgina to get fabric. 
I also pulled this unfinished finish out.  I had it stitched but that was it.  It is a freebie from 2009 Sanman Originals members only.  I wish I did a little better because it isn't hanging correctly but I am rusty.  At least it is for me and I love it anyway.
Thanks for letting me share and have a wonderful week.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Stash, a finish and a WIP

Good morning everyone,

I received my package of goodies from JJ's Collectibles and it was worth the wait.  I got Repoise from Kustom Krafts.  32ct White Chocolate linen and 32ct Sand Dune linen.  3 skiens of Wildflowers and various other floss.

Since my floss came in, I was finally able to finish my "Yummy" project.  It is stitched on 28 ct Honeysuckle Pink Joblean with DMC floss.  It was from July 2010 Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine.
So since I am done with this I pulled out a WIP I started back in April.  It is from the 2011 JCS ornament issue.  It is called Holiday Hootie by Fresh Threads Studio.  I just love their whimsical designs. 
Well that is all for now.  Hope you have a great week.

Friday, August 10, 2012

I am still here & stitching

Hi everyone,
I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since I last posted.  I guess it is because with my 3 sons out for summer my stitching time is limited.  However, I am still plugging away on Yummy.  I am about 80% done.  I am really enjoying this project.

I know it is hard to tell but I have the top middle ice cream to do and alittle bit of backstitching. 

Well I hope everyone is having a great summer.  I took the boys to see Ice Age 4 last week and it was cute.  We went to see Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days this week and it was hysterical.  I think this is my favorite Diary of A Wimpy Kid movie (there are 3).  Bradley, my oldest, said that it wasn't very consistant with the book but I think what they added made it even more funny.

Well that is all for now, have a great weekend.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Update for 7/20/12

Hi, hope everyone is keeping cool.  The kids and I have been having a great time this summer, even with the heat.  Can't believe only 5 more weeks.

Well we had to get a new computer, the other one fizzled out.  I really don't like this one but it is my husbands and he doesn't do anything but read the internet.  I will have to get a faster one for sure.

Here is an update of Yummy.  It is such a fun stitch and so appropriate for the summer. 

Have a great week!

Monday, July 9, 2012

WIP Update 7/9/12

I was absolutely delighted that I was able to turn on Internet Explorer with no problems this morning.  That Malware scared really had me worried.  I hope no one had a difficulties getting on their computer today.

Well here is the update I promised you last week.  Sorry it is a little late.  Since it has been so hot here, record highs in the 100's this is the perfect project to keep me cool. 

Luckily the hot streak is ending and it is cooling down some. 

Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Hi, we are finally back from vacation.  We had a great time seeing everyone.  Disney World was so much fun and the boys loved the Splash Mountain and Space Mountain.  It will really be fun in a few years when my 5 year old gets taller.  Then we can go to Bush Gardens and go on the huge roller coasters.  Anyway, it really made my birthday special to go there with the entire family. 

Well we had fun today.  My husband, kids and I got to go for a boat ride.  It was nice to run the boat.  I haven't been on it for over a year.  The boys and I went into the pool this afternoon to cool off.  I can't believe I came home to record heat.  It was hotter here then in Florida.

I didn't bring any stitching with me while on vacation because I didn't want the distractions.  I have only stitched 1 time this week.  I hope to show you all my progress Friday if I get more done.  I can't believe that I am still missing 1 floss color.  I went to JoAnn Fabrics while I was down there and they were out of stock.  Looks like I will have to place an order soon.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A New Start

Hi, here is my weekly update.  I won't be able to post anything else until the beginnning of July.  Friday I am leaving hubby and our 2 dogs at home and taking the kids to see my family down in Florida.  We just can't wait.  My parents, sister, BIL, and the kids and I are going to Walt Disney World for a combination Father's Day/Birthday (my birthday is June 18th).  My kids have never been and I am so giddy with excitement.  I hope you all have a great 2 weeks.

At any rate, I just started on Yummy from an old Cross-Stitch and Needlework magazine.  It is ice cream and popsicles.  I really think it would look great in my kitchen and make a wonderful companion piece to CCN's Ice Cream chart that I completed a few years ago.  I will frame them both over the summer.

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2 framed finishes

Well I am so happy to have this finish completed.  I made this for my dad for Father's Day.  He worked for General Foods for 30 years before Kraft took over.  He was a route salesman and delivered Sanka, Yukon and Maxwell House coffee to resturants.  When the company was sold about 15 years ago they decided not to have route salesmen anymore.  Even though my dad has reinvented himself, he will always be the "coffee guy" to me. 

This is from an old leaflet done on 28ct Millennium Blue Cashel linen.  I framed it myself.

In addition, I was able to frame an old finish from 2008.  This is one of my favorites.  It is called Louisana Lighthouse and is from an old issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.  It is stitched on Enchanted Fabrics 28ct Lugana (can't remember color).  I sure do wish she was still in business.  I loved her fabrics.  I did this one for my husband since he is from Louisana.

I have a sweet story to share real quick.  I know as stitchers you will love this.  After I framed this my 5 year old son said, "Mommy, I just love your stitching."  It is just like art. I want you to keep on doing this.  I have to say all my family loves my finishes but he is always quick to make claims.  He wants this one in his room. 

It really made my day.
Mary in NC

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stash Enhancement and a Finish

Well I just love going to my local thrift store.  Sometimes you can find old charts/books at reasonable prices.  This was the last time before school lets out that I could go and I found 1 book and 2 charts.  I am super excited. 

Well this week was really exciting.  My youngest son graduated from Preschool and he is ready for Kindergarden.  My 2 oldest passed their EOG's (End Of Grade testing) and will go on to 4th and 6th grade.  I am so happy for them all.

Well about that finish.  I just finished this last night for a contest.  It is Boo Pumpkin by Homespun Elegance from the JCS Oct 08' issue.  It is on 28ct Silkweaver Solo fabric 1x1.  I love making smalls, especially Fall/Halloween.

Well, thanks for letting me share.  I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finished pillow for mom

I just got done putting this together.  I really enjoyed stitching this.  It is done on 28ct mystery evenweave over 1.  The pattern was a Debbie Draper Designs  freebie called Spring Flowers.  The floss I used is Orchid Petals from Sassy's Fabby (she no longer dyes floss), Bubblegum and Wedgewood from Carrie's Creation Floss.  I fell in love with the flower trim and hope it looks ok.

I really hope she likes it.  Maybe she can put it on her bed if the dogs don't chew it up. 

Thanks for looking,

Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 finishes framed

Well on Monday I was able to frame my sister's gift.  I really love how it turned out.  I can't wait to give it to them next month.  The designer is Mary Scott and it was from a hardcover book called Season's Remembered by Leisure Art.  I stitched it on 28ct evenweave.

Sorry about the glare.  Photography is not my cup of tea. 

Today I was able to frame this finish from either 2010 or 2011.  It was a members only free design from Sanman Originals.  I stitched it on 28ct Black Lugana.  Love black fabric but couldn't stitch on dark fabrics all the time.

I also am stitching this for my mother.  It is on 28 ct evenweave over 1.  The fibers are Bubblegum and Wedgewood by Carrie's Creation Threads.  The purple is Orchid Petals by Sassy's Fabbys.  Unfortunately she no longer dyes floss. This will be made into a pillow.

Thanks so much for looking.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finished Wedding Sampler

I am just so excited.  This morning I put the beads on and it is finally finished.  I really love how it turned out and I think that my sister and brother-in-law will like it too.

Here is an up-close picture of the beading.

I have a few things that I need to frame next week so I will post the finally finish then along with some others.

Thanks and I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Update on Sampler and new start

Well I am really having fun stitching this up for my sister.  I had to frog a portion from the bottom because I was off by 1 stitch.  Don't you hate when that happens?  Hopefully, I will have this completed soon.

In addition, I cannot go to Florida this summer without making my mom something.  So I am using a scrap piece of the same evenweave and making her a pillow.  I am not use to stitching over 1 however, I am really enjoying this.  It is a freebie from Debbie Draper.

Thanks again for looking,

Friday, April 27, 2012

Some new stash and an update on WIP

Well I just got my order in from JJ's Collectibles.  I just truly love everything.

Sorry for the glare.  In addition, on my Quaker, I finished the butterfly on the upper righthand corner and started the flower motif.  I figure I can work on this Wed, Thurs and Fri and my other project during the other part of the week.  That way I won't get bored.

As always, thanks for looking and have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sad News and an update

Well we had to take our beloved dog Princess Anabelle (aka: Annie and Belle) to the hospital.  Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done.  It was hard but ultimately the right decision.  Yesterday hit everyone hard especially my 5 year old, but we are doing a lot better.  Here is a picture of Princess Belle.

Well I also have an update on my sister's picture.  It is looking really pretty. I am putting it aside for a few days to work on my Quaker.  I want to get it done this year.

Thanks for looking and have a great week.


Friday, April 13, 2012

A biscornu finish and a WIP

Hello.  Well I usually like to work on smalls during the day because I can add a stitch here and there.  I finished this biscornu and looks so pretty in my basket.  It was a freebie that is no longer available.

In addition, I started this project for my sister.  I need to complete it before mid-June when we go to visit my family in Florida.
That is all for now.  Have a great weekend.

Mary in NC

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter and framed piece

Hi.  Wow 2 post in one week.  Very unusual for me.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  My family and I had a good time.  Made a big breakfast and went to church.  Then I came home and cooked Ham, mac and cheese and Green Bean Casserole.  Wish I could have been with my folks but I always call during the holidays.

At any rate, I framed this finish I did earlier this year.  It was from blog.  Of course being the critical person I am I don't know why it creased on the left side.  My son doesn't mind but I am bummed out.  Oh well, at least it is straight and even.

Thanks for letting me share.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.  The kids are officially off of school so the fun begins. I started this freebie (it is no longer available) and hopefully finish into a biscornu next week.  It was from Linden Bee Designs.  I dyed the mystery evenweave with some fabric paint.  I think it will look cute in the basket.

Thanks so much for looking.


Friday, March 30, 2012

A small Easter finish and an update WIP


I have a small little finish for the week.  It was a free design by Aury-Tm that is no longer available.  It is called Easter Quaker and was a fun stitch.  I made it into a ornament without a hanger to put in my basket.

I have also made progress on the Quaker.

I was also able to get a few goodies this week.  2 button packs and some floss from Hancock Fabrics.  A hard cover Cross Stitch book (can't remember the name) for $1 at the thrift store and Cricket Collection 201- Falling Snow.  Can't wait to start that Turkey mitten.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend.

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