Friday, November 2, 2012

completion of part 3

Good morning everyone.  Hope you had a great week especially if you celebrate Halloween.  A friend came over with her son and we got to walk and chat while the kids got their goodies.  I just love Fall and the pumpkins and good fun.  Too bad we have a cold front right now.  I am too chicken to walk in this cold weather and I feel really guilty.  I hope it warms up soon.

Well I managed to complete part 3.  Today I start on part 4.  It is so pretty.

Sorry about the shadow but the lighting in my house is terrible.  At least you get a good idea what it looks like.

Well I hope you have a great weekend.



  1. It is going to be very pretty:)

  2. Nice progress Mary!! And, thanks for visiting my blog also~~ Faye

  3. Very pretty. How cold is it there?

  4. Thanks everyone. Meari, I am from Florida so no matter how long I have been up here I can't get use to the 40's. But it was the wind and lack of sun that makes it so cold.


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