Sunday, September 16, 2012

Finished 1st part of SAL

Good morning everyone,
I hope that your weather is as wonderful as it is here in NE North Carolina.  I just love the fall-like weather.
I have finally finished the first part of Novalee02's SAL.  She has left the enrollment of the SAL until September 29th.  Here is a link to her blog:

I thought that this material was 36ct but it is really 32ct ivory linen that I coffee dyed. 

Well hopefully I will have another update soon.
Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A froggy finish

Hi everyone,
I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  We just stayed home and did yard work.  I cannot get over how much grass accumulates over the course of a week. We had about 8 bagfuls.  What makes it worse is the humidity in the air, it makes the grass stay satuated and really gross.  Oh well, I am over it now until I have to do it again next weekend.  I just think that in about a months time it will be a distant memory. 

I did manage to sneak in some stitches and finished this cute little frog.  I don't know why I love frogs, I just do.  I purchased this chart and tuck from Sanman Originals. 

So, now I am onto another project.  I am participating in the annual Christmas SAL that Carole at Novalee is putting on.  Here is her blog: 
If you leave a message in the comments section it will put you on the sign-up list.  It is opened until September 29th and then it will be closed to new members.  The only thing that she ask is that you stitch it and send her updates in order to get the next part.  Therefore, I will be starting it today.  I coffee stained some Ivory 36ct Edinborough Linen.  I think the light floss will stand out a little more and I like the vintage feel.

Of course I never have all the right colors so I had to order more floss.  I have enough colors to get it started and I can't wait.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week.


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