Sunday, December 22, 2013

A small finish plus joining WIPocalypse 2014

Happy Sunday. Hope everyone is having a great day.  I was reading Measi's blog over at and she is hosting the 2014 WIPocalypse.  It sounds like fun and not stressful so I figured why not and joined.  It should help motivate me to get more done.

I do want to show you a small finish.  My son Blakley requested a monthly ornament to hang on his door knob so here is one for Feburary.  It was November's SAL on a cross stitch group I belong to on Facebook.  It is a free design by tiny modernist.  He turned out so cute.

Here is an update on a pattern from an old CS&N magazine.  I spent a few days on it but put it down until the New Year when my kids go back to school.

Last weekend I decided to pick up my Ink Circles.  I managed to make some progress on it.  I will put it back into rotation in January.
Lastly, I decided to start and hopefully finish this in December.  It is December's challenge on facebook.  It is a design from Sunshine Stitches.  I hope I don't run out of green but it is satin and I might have to order more.  I love the colors.
Well as always I appreciate you looking at my work and I truly hope you have a wonderful holiday.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A few more pillows made.

Hi everyone.  Gosh, I am on a roll.  I love stitching but have to be in the mood to "finish" them.  I hope to have a few more done tomorrow.

The pillow in the front is a freebie by The Stitcherhood called Autumn.  The one in the back is also a freebie called Falling Leaves by the DMC Corporation.

Thanks for letting me share.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Sorry it has been so long

Wow! Where has the time gone?  I am sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I have completed several things but needed to finish them.  I plan on doing that this week.  I have 2 done.  The first one is 2012 Novalee02 SAL.  It is no longer available.  I made it into a pillow.  I used so much fiberfill I need to go make a run tomorrow ;)

The second is an ornament I made for my middle son.  He wants me to make an ornament for each month. This is December's.  He wanted a gingerbread man.  It is a freebie from Gloria Pat's website.  I have had it forever but I just checked and it is still available on the last page.

I usually struggle with any shape other than rectangle or square but I think it turned out good.  I hope he likes it.

Well I have to have more to show this week.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I am still here and stitching

Good evening,

I can't believe it has been 2 weeks, where has the time gone?  I have 2 Halloween finishes but I forgot to take a picture.  I still need to buy some styrofoam to make my no sew cube. I also completed the Spider by Tempting Tangles from the JCS issue.  Will try to make it into an ornament so I can show you.

I have been working on these 2 projects.  This is for my oldest son.  He loves to read Rage Comics online. It is a troll face.  I bought the 4 different  patterns on Etsy.  I am half way done and it is a fun stitch.  I have decided that 22ct isn't for me but I will make all 4 on 22ct.  My other 2 sons each picked out a pattern so I have a total of 6 to do.  I will probably do the other 2 on Lugana.

This Christmas one is from a Novalee02 SAL from 2012.  It isn't available anymore.  I think I am unhappy with my fabric choice but this is what I had on hand at the time.  You can't really see the white but it is pretty anyway.  I have about 1/3rd left to do.

Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Some Halloween finishes

Good afternoon everyone.  Hope you are having a great day.  It has been raining all day so I decided to do some finishing.  The first one is a Boo, a freebie from The Prairie Schooler.  I did it on some hand-dyed fabric from Sassy's Fabby's.  I used Fun Fur (from the yarn department) around the border.  I like it very much; but it was such a pain to work with.  The hot glue got tangled up in the fur. Oh well, it was worth the slight aggravation.

I finished stitching this cutie this morning.  It is a free design from Gazette94.  I used some hand-dyed 18ct from Sapphire Stitching.  It is such a cute pillow.

I have another finish but need to get some styrofoam to make it into a no sew cube.

Thanks for looking,

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Confessions of a Stitch Wraith blogaversary giveaway

Hi everyone,
I sure hope you are enjoying all this fall-like weather.  I sure am.  I just wanted to let you know that Terri from Confessions of a Stitch Wraith is having a wonderful blogaversary giveaway on her blog.  One for US (goodie bag) and one for Canada/International (gift certificate).  Here is her address: 

I also have a few updates.  I am on section 3 of the I Love Paris SAL.

I am also doing the Halloween SAL on Facebook.  Hope to make more progress this weekend.  My husband took Monday and Tuesday off so it cuts into my stitching time.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


Monday, September 16, 2013

pillow and ornament finishes and some WIPS

Good evening everyone,

I hope you are having a great day. I have had a fun time finishing my finishes.    I found some fat quarters at Walmart last week so I was able to make my pillows.  I am so happy how they turned out.

In addition, this afternoon I made my Ink Circles finish into an ornament.  My son took this picture and I thought he did well for 6 years old.  He decided since it was his favorite color he would keep it to hang in his room.  He is a sweetie, he loves all my stitching and keeps it in his room.  Unfortunately, I have had some really wonderful pillows chewed from my dogs when they fall to the ground.  Oh well.

The beading was time consuming but well worth it.  It really is pretty in person.

Here are 2 WIPS I am working on and made progress over the weekend.  The first is Cirque des Cercles. Hand dyed 25ct Dublin by me using Sulky's 12wt thread 1x1.

Someone found this SAL on this wonderful French blog.  Registration is still going on.  It is called I Love Paris by

I am stitching this on 25ct Dublin 1x1.

Thanks for looking,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where did the time go?

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I have updated my blog.  There was so much to do to get the boys ready for school.  They started last week but it was so hectic.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day.

Well I finished stitching these during the July but haven't felt like sewing.  They will be made into pillows.

Sorry the picture isn't that good.  I also finished Two Year Supply of Calling Birds by Ink Circles.  This was in the JCS 2011 sneak peak issue.
Stitched it on 25ct teal Lugana 1x1.

I also started working on the golden lab.  Not much done because I will be working on it during the day without kids.

Lastly, I started Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circles.  This will be my evenign/weekend project.  I hand-dyed 25ct Dublin linen and it is worked 1x1.  Thread is Sulky 12wt.

Thanks for letting me share.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Some ornament finishes

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying their day.  We are pretty quiet here.  Just savoring the last few weeks until school starts.  The kids don't go back until Aug 26.

I have done some stitching on the Christmas SAL but I am waiting until the kids go back before I do any more.  It is so much easier to do smalls because I can put it down and pick it back up without losing my concentration.

Here is a finish.  It is from the July Blueladie Designs newsletter.  I used some 18ct hand-dyed Aida from RR.  It is a discontinued color; too bad because I love it.

I have been trying to do the monthly freebie challenge over on the 123stitch! message board.  This was July's challenge.  LizzieKate Cozy Christmas Wishes.  I had a lot of fun stitching this.

I had these stitched and I finally finished them into ornaments.  I had a problem putting together the owl (struggled with the lace edge) but I still think it looks great and will go on my tree.  It is just a little crocked at the bottom.  Hope it isn't that noticeable.

I have 2 more stitched but I need to make a run to the fabric store so I won't post them until they are made into pillows.

Thanks so much for looking,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Monday

Hi everyone,

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday.  I was until I went to get the mail and 5 wasp flew out and I got stung on the finger.  It hurt so bad, and I have a feeling I am slightly allergic so I took a Benedryl.  It feels better.  I had no idea that they built a nest inside the box.  Needless to say, there is no longer a nest.  I hope the mail lady didn't get hurt.

Well onto other things.  I finally "finished" my Blue Ribbon Design from last time into an ornament.  I am pleased with the results.

In addition, I "finished" this little thing into a door hanger.  I think it is cute.

I finished this biscornu this morning.  It was from the Blueladie Designs yahoo group.  It was from June.  I made the pins by hot gluing the buttons to the pins.  My son thought it was super cute.  He is my biggest fan.

In addition, I just finished this freebie from the Little Stitcher.  It was for the June challenge on the 123 Stitch! message board.  I changed my mind and decided to do it as a companion piece to the biscornu.  I need to get some fabric. so I can make it into a pillow.

I started on this.  It is on 32ct Woodlawn by PTP and it is beautiful. However,  I am going to wait until the kids go back to school and I get some reading glasses in order to continue.   I need the quiet and my new progressives are too hard to use for needlework.  But I felt good putting a few beginning stitches.

Lastly, I put some more stitches into this WIP.  It was a from a free SAL that Novalee was doing last year.  I already have the material to make a pillow. I will get this done. Sorry about the quality of the picture.

Thanks so much for looking and have a great week.

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Quaker Finish and a Patriotic Finish

Good Afternoon everyone,

I have such exciting news.  I finally finished my Quaker by Wiehenburg Designs.  I haven't done a project this big in a long time.  Now to find the time to get it framed.  For now it goes in the drawer with all the other finished project just waiting to get "finished".

I also finished this small chart into a biscornu, just in time for the 4th of July.  It was from the May Blueladie Designs monthly newsletter.  I altered it slightly but Cathryn didn't mind. 

Here is a picture of my next big project.  I will be making a series of 5 pictures of all our dogs, past and present.  The first one will be of our golden Labrador Anabelle, she passed away last April.  I will be stitching this on PTP 32ct Lugana in the color Woodlawn.  I can't wait to get started.

Thanks again for looking and all the support, it really motivates me to finish projects especially the larger ones.

Have a great weekend,

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

small Blue Ribbon Design finish

Good Afternoon,

I just finished this and will make it into an ornament.  It is called Christmas Cottage by Blue Ribbon Designs and it is from the 2011 JCS preview issue.

I have decided to stop doing smalls and finish my oldest WIP.  It is from 2010 and I had aspirations in finishing last year.  Didn't get it done but I am committed to finishing this year.

Thanks for looking

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Some recent finishes- pic heavy

Good afternoon,

I sure hope everyone is enjoying their day.  This is the first full week my boys have had off and they are so happy. 

Well, I will start with my cross stitch finishes first. 

#1 is from the 2010 JCS ornament issue and is by Ink Circles.  I will make it into an ornament. 

#2 is from a blog and was part of the May Challenge at the 123 Stitch! message board.  I haven't participated in every month but I loved this one.  I will make it into an ornament also.

#3 was done a few years ago but I finally got motivated to making it into an ornament.  It was part of a SAL on Oakhaven Designs yahoo group.
and #4 was done around the same time since it is part of the same SAL.  I also made it into an ornament today. I messed up and made the hanger too short but I can always lay it in my basket.

I also crochet this mini lapgan over the weekend. My son has taken it over.  It is just a really big granny square. 

Thanks for letting me share.  Have a great few weeks and I will catch up with you soon.

Friday, May 24, 2013

A small crochet finish

Good afternoon everyone.  I hope those of us celebrating Memorial Day weekend have a fun time.  Those of you who don't, I want to wish you a wonderful weekend as well.

I do have a small cross stitch finish, however, it needs "finishing" and I have been lazy.  I will try to get it done so I can post it.

I picked up this rug/polyester yarn at the thrift shop.  I decided to make my dog Buddy something to lay on.  He is always trying to eat my yarn and cross stitch floss.  I hope to keep him away from it.  Haha.

It isn't perfect but since it is for my dog I won't worry about that.  He looks happy.

I am going to concentrate on some cross stitch this weekend.  I hope I have something to show you next week.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Crochet Afghan finish

Good afternoon everyone.  I just couldn't contain my excitement and had to show you my finished afghan.  My neighbor Cari came over and we watched some of the North and South mini series that she had on DVD.  It allowed me to finish this to surprise my son when he comes home from school.

Thank you for looking.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A small finish

Good morning,

Can you believe that there is only 3-1/2 weeks left of school?  My boys are so excited for the break. 
It is going to be hard for me to get a lot of crafting done but I will try to sneak it in.

As a belated Mother's Day present I get to order a fluorescent lamp for the living room.  I have one in my bedroom by my stitching chair but when I want to hang out in the living room I don't have adequate lighting.  Can't wait to order it tomorrow.

Well I stitched this pansy and put it in a teacup.  I gave it to my friend Cari for a early birthday present.  She really loved it.

I am currently working on a chart for the monthly freebie challenge on 123stitch message board.  It is really fun.  I hope to finish it in a few days and I will post the finish.

Crochet:  I decided to add one more group of stitches to make it longer.  So I have a total of 6-1/2 stripes left plus the border.  I can't wait to finish and post a finish.

Knitting:  I am learning how to knit. I ordered some beautiful chunky yarn and bamboo needles as part on my Mother's Day gift. I have started on a simple knit stitch scarf. 

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hi everyone, I am still here

Good afternoon everyone.  I hope you are having a lovely April day.  Every Tuesday I go with some friends to our neighbors house.  Mrs. Yvonne is such a sweet lady.  She is teaching us how to knit.  I am not learning right now but decided that once I am done crocheting my sons afghan I will practice over the summer.

Speaking of Brentley's afghan, here is an updated photo.  I would surmise I am about 2/3 completed.  I want to do one more set of 6 colors and then the border.  He is only 7 so this should be big enough for a few years and then I will make him another.

Sorry that the yarn got in the way but you can tell it is a ripple pattern.  Very easy and he loves it.

I am really trying to make time to stitch since it is my first love.  I have been working on this Ink Circles ornament from the 2010 JCS ornament issue.  I am surprised how much work is involved with this ornament but I love the details and is worth the wait.

Thank you for taking the time to look. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

A small finish, and 2 WIPS

Good afternoon everyone,
Are you happy it is the weekend?  I hope you had a great week.  Last week was Spring break for the kids so I didn't get a lot of crafting done.  It was nice to have them home.  This week was great to get back into my routine. 

I finished this pillow.  It is a freebie from Mosey n' Me.  I have decided to participate in the Monthly freebie challenge on the 123 Stitch! message board.  This was picked for the April challenge.  I love making pillows they are so fun and look great in my basket.

I used some hand-dyed Lugana from Sassy's Fabby and some varigated thread, beads and buttons.  My son wants it and while I am flattered, if falls on the ground and my dogs decide to destroy them.  It hurts too much so I had to tell him no. 

But, I am crocheting him this blanket.  This is my first big crochet project and it is going very smoothly.  He really likes it and wants to use it now,  but it isn't long enough.  So I am trying to concentrate on this.


It is zigzag gold, burgandy, lime green, navy, red and black.

I am also trying to finish this project from Christmas.  I will get it done, I will get it done.  I love seasonal stitching and I love Christmas just not stitching Christmas.  I love Halloween, Valentines Day and Easter stitching the best.

Well that is all for now.  Thanks for looking.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

a few spring finishes

Good afternoon everybody.  Sorry it has been a few weeks since my last post.  I slowed down on my stitching but it is now full speed ahead.  I finished this freebie from The Sisterhood called Spring.  I also finished the biscornu and put some cute egg buttons in the center.

Here is my handsome son Brentley modeling off a scarf I crochet him.  The yarn is soft but a little too chunky.  It is too heavy for him to wear right now.  At least he really likes it.

Today my wonderful neighbor Yvonne taught my friend Cari and I how to crochet a granny square.  I will post a finish once I complete the edge.  I am also working on a Blanket for my son Brentley.  On the cross stitching side,  I am rotating a Ink Circles ornament and the Novalee SAL from christmas.  Hope to get them done soon.  Will post some pictures next time (when I have more to show).

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.


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