Monday, December 17, 2012

A crochet finish and a WIP

Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing well.  I thought you all would get a big chuckle about my husband.  I have told him I have a blog but he really isn't interested in my passion for cross stitch.  Can you believe that?  Anyway, I had my blog up on the computer and he saw the finish of the biscornu I made my sister and he was amazed that I made that.  What else could I do but shake my head.

Well I don't normally crochet but sometimes I act on impulse.  I made this simple scarf for my youngest son.  He really loves it, he even wore it to school today. I am now making a blue scarf for my middle son.  It will be slightly different.  I am enjoying learning something new.

I have tackled the Novalee02 SAL.  I wish I could stitch faster but I hope to be done by February. 

Thanks for looking and have a great week.



  1. Very nice scarf and lovely stitching:)

  2. Maybe you should show the hubs your blog more often and he could 'appreciate' your projects ;)

    Isn't it great when the kiddos are excited to have something you've made? Congrats on your scarf finish.


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