Tuesday, June 25, 2013

small Blue Ribbon Design finish

Good Afternoon,

I just finished this and will make it into an ornament.  It is called Christmas Cottage by Blue Ribbon Designs and it is from the 2011 JCS preview issue.

I have decided to stop doing smalls and finish my oldest WIP.  It is from 2010 and I had aspirations in finishing last year.  Didn't get it done but I am committed to finishing this year.

Thanks for looking

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Some recent finishes- pic heavy

Good afternoon,

I sure hope everyone is enjoying their day.  This is the first full week my boys have had off and they are so happy. 

Well, I will start with my cross stitch finishes first. 

#1 is from the 2010 JCS ornament issue and is by Ink Circles.  I will make it into an ornament. 

#2 is from a blog and was part of the May Challenge at the 123 Stitch! message board.  I haven't participated in every month but I loved this one.  I will make it into an ornament also.

#3 was done a few years ago but I finally got motivated to making it into an ornament.  It was part of a SAL on Oakhaven Designs yahoo group.
and #4 was done around the same time since it is part of the same SAL.  I also made it into an ornament today. I messed up and made the hanger too short but I can always lay it in my basket.

I also crochet this mini lapgan over the weekend. My son has taken it over.  It is just a really big granny square. 

Thanks for letting me share.  Have a great few weeks and I will catch up with you soon.

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