Monday, July 15, 2019

Finally A Finish

Good Afternoon,

 I hope everyone has had a great weekend and had plenty of stitching time.  I really haven't stitched since last week when I finally finished my larger project.  My son Blake, is off of dead period and is now in football practice full time.  We also attended our last football camp for the year.  It was quite an experience that I am sure we will have to do again next year.  

Anyway,  I have a finish that is larger than a small and that isn't a ffo.  Because of this, I decided to make a new blog post.  Besides, I was too excited to wait until the end of the month.

My finish: 

The Key
By: Stitchyfish Designs
From: 2016 JCS Halloween Special Edition
Floss: DMC 310
Fabric: 32ct Belfast Linen (hand-dyed by me)

My son, Brentley, decided that he would like this once it was finished.  I did make some changes per his request.  I omitted the wording at the top and changed the bottom to gate.  He also didn't like the key dangling from the crow's mouth. I now see I have some of the bottom railing of the gate to do.  I will do that tonight.  

Eventually, this will get framed.  I will probably wait until after school starts which is August 9th this year.

Well that is all for now.
Thanks for looking and I always enjoy reading your comments.


  1. Great finish Mary, I'm looking forward to seeing it framed

  2. Congrats on the great finish Mary.


  3. Super finish! Looking forward to how you'll final finish it.

  4. Oh, I love the linen color you stitched this on. Your son has excellent taste, this is such a fun stitch and I can't wait to see your FF.

  5. Love this finish Mary. I know your son is anxious for you to have it all done. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever


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