Friday, February 28, 2020

February Smalls SAL Check-in

Good Friday afternoon everyone,

Thank you to Mary at Mary's Thread for hosting this fun SAL.  I just love looking at everyone's work.

I hope that you all had a wonderful, productive February. I just love the month of February for so many reasons.  My first child was born on the 6th and my wedding anniversary is on the 7th just to name a few. My second favorite holiday to stitch is Valentine's, you know Halloween is my absolute favorite. 

I have been working on some larger projects but I do have 2 small finishes to show you.

I decided to do a biscornu a month as my primary smalls for 2020.  I am going to pick out another one for January because I am dragging my feet to finish it.  Not sure why because it is pretty.  However, I did finish February's.  This is called Biscornu 482 from The Flossbox and you can find it here  I love her selection of biscornu's (she has over 600) and it was so much to stitch.

Here is a picture before put together
Here is a picture of it FFO'd

I used some 14 opalescent Aida from Hobby Lobby.  I love stiff fabric because I stitch in hand.  I also think it is easier to make into a biscornu than a softer fabric.  I had a scrap piece of fabric and made this simple freebie called Love Freebie by Atelier Soed Idee found here
I modified the design because I was running out of my scrap floss and I didn't know what color it was.  I still love it.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.  Your comments always put a smile to my face.  Hope you have a great March!


  1. Your biscornu is delightful, and so is the 'Love' small. They are both very pretty.

  2. Two lovely Smalls and both well themed for February. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband and happy birthday to your eldest child.

  3. What lovely smalls you shared! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank You Robin. Have a great weekend too!

  4. Wonderful stitching!Happy anniversary to you and your hubby and birthday wishes to your son :)

  5. Happy Anniversary and Birthday to you and your family!
    I like the Heart biscornu. Thanks for the tip about using a stiffer fabric. I will bear that in mind if and when I make one for myself!

  6. Such a lovely biscornu. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband x


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