Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Here are some WIPS in progress

Good Morning everyone,

I should actually say they were in progress.  Unfortunately, I have an appointment tomorrow for the eye doctor because my prescription has changed.  My eyes are straining and I can't see to stitch.  I am very annoyed because this is setting me back a few weeks.

Here are 2 projects I am doing.  The first one is the 2nd part of Palko-Lap's 2016 SAL.  We could pick our own color palette of 3 colors.  I chose grey and pink on white linen.

2nd WIP is called Halloween Inky Dinks by Sanman Originals 2009.  I have been a member of her board for about 9 years.  I love her designs.  I hand-dyed some Monaco fabric and will make this into a pillow.  I am about 3/4 done now.
Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day.



  1. Both WIPs are looking good. I like the gray fiber in your SAL piece. What gray are you using? Your Halloween piece looks fun. Lovely color fabric you dyed!

    1. Thank You very much Robin. I am using DMC 645 for the gray.


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