Friday, February 3, 2017

Small Halloween finish

Good evening,

I usually have a basket full of kitted smalls to work on when I have extra time to spare.  I decided to try to match up patterns to sewing fabric in my stash so I can thin it out, so I can buy more beautiful fabric. I finished this today and made it into an ornament. The fabric on the back of the ornament is a bunch of eyeballs so this pattern was perfect.

It is called Pina Ghoulada by Hot House Petunia Designs and was in the October 2015 JCS issue.

I don't think I mentioned my 2017 goals/plans but I want to stitch larger pieces and I want to make 1 for each of my 3 sons and hopefully my husband too.  I am currently alternating between Circle Des Cirque by Ink Circles and White Tigers by Stoney Creek.
Yes, this pattern of the White Tigers is driving me crazy with all the color changes that Stoney Creek is known for, but I know Blake will love it when I am done.  It didn't help that I had to frog out a pretty large section because I was a stitch off. Hopefully, the frog is gone for good.

Lastly, I joined Theme-Tas-Stitch hosted by Ramblings of a Biscornu Addict.  The theme for February is to stitch and try to finish a UFO/WIP.  I am maybe 2/3rd's into Winter Flower (it is an ornament with beading) and I have been dragging my feet for months.  I hope I can compete it by check-in on the 21st.  I don't have a lot of experience with beading and I don't like the way it looks but I am determined to finish it to gain experience.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. I love the Stoney Creek patterns too, but there are so many color changes. Sometimes I thread a needle with each color in that area, and that helps. I love how they look when they are finished. Power through - and I have great faith you will be very pleased with your beading


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