Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Made some FFO's today

Good afternoon everyone,

Well I finally got behind the sewing machine to make some FFO's.  I have a few more projects to complete but it will be easy.

These 2 are from Sanman Originals.  The first one is Swirly Cane and I made it into an ornament.  The second is Get Ready and I made it into a pillow for my basket.  I am pretty happy with the results.  I struggle with ornaments sometimes because of the cording but I won.

I have my first finish of 2017 completely Finished but I will wait until the 27th to post.  The hint is that it is a Sanman Originals chart I purchased last month.

I have made some great progress on Ink Circles because I have completed the 3rd page.  I will post an update next week.

Thanks so much for looking and for any comments that are made.  It truly means a lot to me.

Until Jan 27th,


  1. Congratulations on both of your FFOs, Mary! I really like the swirly candy cane. I look forward to seeing your first finish along with the progress you have made on your Ink Circles piece.

  2. Isn't good to get some FFOs?! They are so cute. I'm going to try and get FFOs done quicker after I've finished the stitching. I end up with a great pile otherwise and don't want to do them!


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