2016 Finishes

1. Ready For Santa -  Sanman Originals
2. Snowflake- Oakhaven Designs, ornament
3. Truly Knot II- Ink Circles, ornament
4. Simple Hearts- Elizabeth Needlework Designs, biscornu
5. Love U- Blueladie Designs, ornament
6. Be Mine- Hands On Designs, ornament
7. Truly Endless Knot 1- Ink Circles, ornament
8. Happy Go Lucky- Blueladie Design, ornament
9. Luck 2013- Sanman Originals, ornament
10. Happy Halloween- Sanman Originals, pillow
11. April- Hands On Design, pillow
12. May- Hands On Design, pillow
13. Quaker Heart- Gazelle94, pillow
14. USA- Trail Creek Farms, ornament
15. June- Hands On Design, pillow
16. Nana's Day Pillow- me, pillow
17. The Floss Box 332, biscornu
18. May Doodle- Blueladie Design, ornament
19. Little Blue flower, Sweetbriar Design, hanging door pillow
20. Sunflower- Ursula Michaels, ornament
21. Apple- Ursula Michaels, ornament
22. Shiny Flake- Ink Circles Design, ornament
23. Words- Palko-Lap, framed
24. Little Man- Sanman Originals, ornament
25. July- Hands On Design, pillow
26. EEK- The Stitcherhood, ornament
27. August- Hands On Design, pillow
28. Stitching Witch- the Stitcherhood, ornament
29. Lovebird- Midnight Summer Design, ornament
30. The Autumn Witch-  The Snowflake Diaries, ornament
31. Celtic Rose- The Sunflower Seed, ornament
32. Joyeux Noel- Monsterbubbles, ornament
33. October- Hands On Design, pillow
34. Ectoplasmic Kiss- The Cross Eyed Cricket, ornament
35. Give Thanks - Plaid Online, ornament
36. Happy Camper, Emma Congdon, CS&N magazine, framed
37. All You Need Is Snow- San Man Originals, Ornament
38. Nutkins- The Cricket Collection, Small Pillow
39. November- Hands On Design, Small Pillow

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